Helga supported several animal rights organizations. One of them is Förbundet Djurens Rätt. Here are cartoons that were used to promote awareness of animal rights. For more information, visit: www.djurensratt.org

"I demand human rights - also for animals"

"I've been to an animal factory! The chickens wept, the pigs screamed and trampled each other to death packed in tiny boxes!"

"Animals don't have feelings like we have, they are not intelligent like us."

"Scientific research shows that monkeys can learn sign language, and dolphins have bigger brains than you!"

"Calm down, dear."

"Calm down?! Never as long as there are animal factories and painful experiments on animals in our labs, and baby seals clubbed to death to make fur coats. It's the same way in both capitalist and socialist countries. Shame, shame, and shame again!"

"Post a guardian for animals in every city! We have to teach ourselves and our children this one commandment:


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