"The Madmen Sing at Night"
1951 Wahlstrom & Widstrand Publishers

Pocket Edition:
1975 Raben & Sjogren Publishers.

A book about journeys in France and Italy.

"Kom älva kom skälva kom häxa" (line from a Swedish folk song)
1968 Raben & Sjogren Publishers

A book of poetry.

"My Green Dream is Red"
1973 Tidens Publishers


"The Road to Rebella"
1981 Prisma Publishers


1982 Prisma Publishers


1984 Prisma Publishers


"The Book About Astri"
1988 Self published with Nils Frick.

A book of photos and poems about Helga's beloved sister Astri, who died that year.

1990 Arena Publishers


"The Years with Peter"
1991 Arena Publishers

Autobiography about Helga's marriage to author Peter Weiss.

Not shown:

"From Assar to Östen"
1985 Norstedts Publishers
Childrens book

"The Story of the Strange Soup"
1992 Published by Save the Children
Childrens book

"Woman, Artist, Always a Rebel"
1996 Norstedts Publishers


Excerpts from book review of "Woman, Artist, Always a Rebel"
by L-E Selin, Svenska Dagbladet 9 September 1996 (second largest Swedish Newspaper):

"..brilliant" ".. her fighting spirit has not faded, the importance of never giving up is emphasised more than once"

"..a book permeated by optimism, humor and high spirits.."

"Around Helga, in her childhood home, is an abundance of colorful cultural personalities.."

"..Witty.." "..a great amount of detail about an upper class home in Stockholm in the 1920's and 30's" "..if one were to make a movie about this it might be like Ingmar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander"

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