Excerpts from an art review by Bengt Olvang in Aftonbladet (largest Stockholm evening paper) regarding an exhibition of Helga Henschen at Doktor Glas Gallery 13 November 1983:

"Helga Henschen has been compared to Picasso, but the inspiration received from this colorful master is more in terms of the faun-like, the satyr-like zest for life. There is for example a drawing and a terracotta sculpture of a wild lion playing the flute. One of the lions has a wreath of flowers on his head, the other a small child between his paws. This is about life's possibilities: even the lion-like can play the flute and take care of children. The mighty power is not in opposition to poetry --"

"The remarkable thing about Helga Henschen is that she has succeeded in introducing this unstoppable joy of life into politics. Her childishly sincere drawings pose the most basic questions in life to the stiff and dried-up politicians, who normally only think in tactics and calculations.--"

"--she gives the viewer euphoric joy, and a very strong conviction that this attitude to life is the only important one, perhaps the only one worthy of a human being. --"


:: A Letter From Rebecca, Helga's daughter. Written in September 2002 :: click here ::

:: A memorial address to Helga Henschen by Birgitta Dahl, Speaker of the House of the Swedish Parliament, 29 August 2002. :: click here ::






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